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Admin Resource and Services, LLC: Glenn is a business consultant and software developer with a focus on saving his customers time, keystrokes, and mouse clicks. For more information about his company and services, please follow this link:

Admin Resource and Services, LLC.

Service Tracker: Glenn is a software developer, developing a software system for service and distribution business models, as well as other applications where sales tracking, service tracking, or information tracking is vital to the company. For more information about the Service Tracker System, please follow this link:

Service Tracker System

Grace Community Church: Glenn is an Elder/Pastor with Grace Community Church in Northwest Ohio. For more information about Grace Community Church, please follow this link:

Grace Community Church

Harris-Elmore Fire and Rescue: Glenn is a firefighter and EMT-B for Harris Township, the Village of Elmore, and the communities within their service area. For more information about the Harris-Elmore Fire and Rescue, please follow this link:

Harris Township (HEFD)

Author: Glenn is a published author of two books, inspirational stories, a former blog and newspaper columnist, articles, trade publications, technical manuals, and numerous other publications. For more information about his publications, please follow this link:

Glenn Sasscer, Author